Writing Games for Young Authors

with Elena Maroutsou

Writing stories through play. Words, phrases, sounds, create images initiate a friendly chat and through play the children are encouraged to come up with ideas for stories. Our efforts are combined and one (or eight) stories are written during 8 Saturdays of Writing Games for Young Authors.


Art Games for Young Artists

with Christina Marselou

Sat around the large table our Young Artists practice the without-any-doubt challenging task of introducing art into the urban landscape. We begin with a huge cardboard piece as the base of our city, we plan streets and blocks from colourful paper while finally our treasured rubbish become our city points. During 8 Saturdays we will be surrounding squares, splashing serious bits of green and designing cycle lanes till the Big Saturday of our Grand Surprise!

8 Writing Games for Young Authors and 8 Art Games for Young Artists = 16 Saturdays of pure bliss