LUDENS LABS are in search of vital sponsorship

– as recognition of their innovative and valuable undertaking;

– as a means of encouraging the staging of  a particular Lab or a specific open Situations;

– as an investment in the notion of Play as a tool of learning, self-expression and creativity, and in Culture as the initiative of the community and the citizens of which it’s comprised;

– as a form of participationin rising to an ongoing financial challenge, which has so far been answered with personal vision and the collective efforts of the community that shares it.

To date, the LUDENS LABS have lived off the:

– Participation Cost paid by individual Homo Ludens for the lab they attend;

– Contributions made to our kitty, the Frog Ludens, when our situations are open and free to attend;

– Goodies brought in by Homo Ludens [coffee, milk, tea, biscuits, raki, wine, bread sticks, tangerines and everything else imaginable

– In-kind Sponsorship from our dauntless supporters i.e books for our lending library, discounts on books for the Homo Ludens, promotion for our open Situations and Labs, etc.

– Freely-given labour of volunteers