There is a cost to our survival here at LUDENS LABS. Rent, electricity, water, central heating – we’re tired with doing by ourselves all the cleaning. And then of course there is phone and internet costs, together with the simplest stuff like cold water – i.e how could it be possible without a fridge? And things are getting more complicated when it comes to issues like work or music; i.e how could we work without a laptop or listen to music without a cd player and speakers? And we wouldn’t want to bother you with details of all the hard work that has been put on to upload and update our web-site, the window where you surf and learn about us and our activities. You see, there is a lot of work going on in the background of what we all experience as the LUDENS SITUATIONS! At first, it was the savings of an early retirement that started of our dream. But the savings are not unlimited and so this experiment called LUDENS LABS – A PLAYGROUND FOR THE MIND will only survive from the PARTICIPATION COST for each LAB together with a contribution of the community to our FROG LUDENS piggy bank for every in-situ sitiation taking place. In other words, we will make it happen, because we have positivity and vision, determination and imagination, knowledge and a humble attitude of foolishness. For more info call us on 0030 2110108404 or email us at